I WANT TO SCORE HEAVILY IN TEST MATCHES | Virender Sehwag(Viru)-Indian Cricketer

Monday, August 10, 2009


India's only batsman to hit two triple centuries, opener Virender Sehwag says his penchant to hit big centuries in Tests was driven by critics doubting his calibre in the longer version of the game.

"In Test matches I'm very cautious. I want to score more runs and I want to score big runs and I want to prove everyone wrong because when I came to the Indian team everybody was saying 'He's only a one-day player, he cannot bat in Test cricket'," he said on an ICC talk show.

Often compared to Tendulkar, Sehwag said he always wanted to emulate the little master.

"I wanted to become a Tendulkar, but that's not possible because he is a God of cricket. When I was watching him on television, I tried to copy every single shot."

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